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Indie-Porn-Short-Movies Festival

Jury CUM2CUT 2007  

Porn Competition Jury

Joe Gallant (New York/USA) Joe Gallant is an AVN and Emmy award-winning filmmaker, sound designer and composer, based in New Yok City. He has written and directed 26 XXX feature films for his own company, Black Mirror Productions, as well as Hustler/VCA, Adam & Eve and Penthouse, He is currently writing a book about the porn industry, which is being shopped to publishing houses. His sci-fi/experimental pornfilm AVE X has recently been included in New York University's film collection. Mr. Gallant's 18-piece orchestra, Illuminati, has been performing and recording for 20 years. Though he performed frequently throughout Europe in the 90 and he is honored to now participate in the Berlin Film Fest as a filmmaker.

Francesco "WARBEAR" Macarone Palmieri (Rome/Italy) Social Anthropologist, Francesco "WARBEAR" Macarone Palmieri is an international stimulator of confrontation and exploration in fields such as Cultural studies, Queer theory with a focus on pornography, urban anthropology, media studies, literature, art and emotions sociology, with publishings in the academic field and in the independent scene. WARBEAR founded one of the most activist beargroup in Italy called Epicentro Ursino ROmano who produces social aggregation - through electronic music bear parties such as Subwoofer - as theorical research about the concept of masculinity. He gave life to a multi linguistic queer project called Phag Off. Phag Off produces and ride the sexual new wave: cultural Frankenstein, freaks identities, morbid war machines. Phag Off de-constructs inner stereotypes of gay communities and eterocentric power relationhip inside the conuntercultural movements.

Julia Ostertag (Berlin/Germany) Julia Ostertag is a filmmaker. Her films are about identity, desire and sexuality. She made films such as SEXJUNKIE - (s)experimental, awarded at last year's Berlin Porn Film Festival and GENDER X - a documentary about the Berlin transgender and drag queen scene, shown at the Berlinale 2005, awarded at Mix Film Fest Brasil. She has studied Fine Arts and Film in Braunschweig. This year she shot her first feature porn (screened on Friday October 26th at Kant Kinos). She is currently working on a full length experimental fiction project called WASTELAN

Mariano Equizzi (Palermo/Italy) Mariano Equizzi is an Italian director devoted to cyberpunk and electronic content, keeping a look in a scenrio where the genres are brutally crossovered. He directed also an horror motion picture distributed by Universal in Italy and actually is involved in many different genre projects. He works together with Luca Liggio and Paolo Bigazzi to a Live Cinema project called KOMPLEX.

Pr0n Competition Jury

Shu Lea Cheang (Floating Digital Agent) Media artist and film-maker Shu Lea Cheang (born in Taiwan) is a self-styled "floating digital agent". She works in the field of net-based installation, social interface and film production. Her net installation works are in the permanent collections of the Walker Art Center, Minneapolis, NTT[ICC], Tokyo and the Guggenheim Museum: (Bowling Alley, 1995; Buy One Get One, 1997; and Brandon, 1998-1999). She has made two theatrical feature films: Fresh Kill, which premiered at the Berlin Film Festival in 1994 and was included in Whitney Biennale (New York) in 1995; and I.K.U., produced by Tokyo's Uplink, which premiered at the Sundance Film Festival in 2000. Her recent installation and web projects include BabyPlay (NTT[ICC], Tokyo, 2001), Garlic=RichAir (Creative Time, New York, 2002), Burn (Venice Biennale, 2003), Milk (56K Bastard TV, 2004), and BabyLove (Palais de Tokyo, 2005). She has co-founded several collectives: Kingdom of Piracy (based in net space since 2001); Mumbai Streaming Attack (based in Zurich since 2003); and TAKE2030 (based in London since 2003). In 2007 she launched "MobiOpera", a collective public cinema made with mobile phones at the New Frontier, Sundance Film Festival. She is currently developing "LOVEME2030", a series of multi-screen-based installations set in Metropolis Europa.

Martin Howse (London/UK - Berlin/Germany) Programmer, theorist and artist, Martin Howse has worked collaboratively under the heading xxxxx, in performance, code-work and speculative, open hardware. Recent projects include publication of [the] xxxxx [reader] and an ongoing series of open workshops towards the establishment of a research institute in Berlin.

Dmytri Kleiner (Montreal/Canada - Berlin/Germany) Dmytri Kleiner is a USSR-born, Canadian software developer and cultural producer whose work investigates the intersections of art, technology and political economy. Currently based in Berlin, he is the founder of Telekommunisten, an Anarchist technology collective.

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