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Indie-Porn-Short-Movies Festival


Unlike mainstream porn, the event CUM2CUT in Berlin focuses on the activities of the international independent and countercultural queer movement and presents a platform where artists, filmmakers, djs, actors and everyone interested can collaborate.

The main idea is to connect a heterogeneous and international network of people who want to create art independently and to freely express their sexuality. Therefore, CUM2CUT is a networking platform which aims to create open and free artistic networks where people can address the topic of pornography without being marginalized.

This happens through the activities of people who are part of the queer countercultural movement. The goal of the festival is to develop and enjoy new forms of subversive body-politics in terms of gender and sexual orientation. In this context, queer means to express sexuality beyond boundaries of identities and to cross the limits of fixed genders and stereotype.

At the same time, the idea of being queer is closely connected with D.I.Y. punk and hacker culture: CUM2CUT wants to encourage everyone to express themselves using their bodies and media from an independent point of view, thereby creating new experimental queer languages.

CUM2CUT is also an opportunity for participants to play with concepts of sexuality and pornography by producing and enjoying indie-porn-short- movies: the best short-movies you'd want to make and to watch. The idea is to broaden possible imaginaries and "desirescapes" related to pornography.

The concept of play is directly linked to CUM2CUT: body-games and sex toys are the starting point for subverting mainstream expression of pornography, through the practice of détournement. CUM2CUT aims to reach those who are fed up with mainstream pornography, who are frustrated by tolerating the rules of normalized society. At the same time, Cum2Cut provides a critical perspective on political imagination and rejects the notion that radical politics must always be boring and serious.

CUM2CUT proposes an experimental concept starting from bodies and space, spreading pornography as clouds of pollen to eroticize the city of Berlin, mixing up fluid bodies, nomad identities and playful sexualities. At the same time, CUM2CUT doesn't miss this year the challenge to erotize the network, proposing a pr0n competition. Aim of this is to create and share strategies, short-ways, tricks, pranks to 'dress-up' the techology into a porn tool. Our body is not the only interface to express sexuality and desires, therefore why not try using other tools? Let's think about technology itself as a porn subject!

The Indie-Porn-Short-Movies Festival is open to queer, homo, hetero, lesbo, bisexual and transsexual independent video- and filmmakers, pornographers, performers, screenwriters, directors, queer cultural activists and artists, hackers, free thinkers, excited minds and all the people that like to mix technology and bodies. The purpose is to develop ideas on film production and to share them with an interested community for a participatory exchange. Thus, in order to open not only the boundaries of sexuality but also those of artistic expression, the videos produced must be licensed under the Creative Commons.

Much like the idea of peer to peer is expressed by the P2P symbol, we have created the term C2C (cum to cut). C2C closely links pleasure and orgasm to the action of sharing pornography experiences.

CUM2CUT | Produced By Tatiana Bazzichelli And Gaia Novati | With The Project Partner Berlin Porn Film Festival | Licensed Under Creative Commons | Info