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Info & Contacts

C2C Programme  

C2C Festival will show some different ways in which a widespread desire to create independent and free communication manifests itself.

C2C Event, scheduled for 14 – 22 October 2006, presents:


Opening party of the C2C Festival - 14 October 2006
19.00 h, at Schwuz, Mehringdamm 61, Berlin-Kreuzberg.
In collaboration with the Porno Karaoke Night organized by the Berlin Porn Film Festival. Free entrance till 20.30!

  • Presentation of the C2C Concept and meeting with the subscribers
  • Drawing film categories for each participants
  • During the drawing some queer videos will be shown

After 20.30, Porno Karaoke starts: if you want to partecipate, please make your reservation at (ticket costs 6 €).


Shooting Videos - 15, 16 October 2006
Participants who don't know where to shoot, are invited to go to:
Große Freiheit 114, Boxhagener str. 114 (on 15 october, only three groups 2 hours each, from 14.00h to 20.00h).
AHA, Mehringdamm 61 (on 16 october, only three groups 2 hours each, from 09.00h to 15.00h).
Please, make a reservation! [mail]


Porn Giving Day, 16 October 2006
from 20.00 h, at Barbie Deinhoff, Schlesischestr. 16, 10997 Berlin-Kreuzberg.

  • The participants hand in their videos.
  • Music by Tina Pornflakes, Italy; Dj Bixa K, Sweden; performance by Mitsu Salmon, USA; Vjs by NunswithGuns, Amsterdam, and erotic pictures.


Short Movies Screening, 21 October 2006
from 20.00h at Kant Kino 2, Kantstr. 54, 10627 Berlin-Charlottenburg.
In collaboration with the Berlin Porn Film Festival

  • All the video made by the participants are shown


Short Movies Awards, 22 October 2006
in the context of the Award Ceremony of the Berlin Porn Film Festival!!!
from 20.00h at Kant Kino 1, Kantstr. 54, 10627 Berlin-Charlottenburg

  • Proclamation of the winners and Awards.


Final Prom, 22 October 2006, 22.00h

indie pr0n party

In collaboration with the Berlin Porn Film Festival
at Festsaal Kreuzberg, Skalitzerstr. 130, Kreuzberg.

  • Performance Team Plastique, Australia; Mitsu Salmon, USA; la Jugueteria, Madrid; Tina Pornflakes, Italy.
  • Dj Ipek (+ Belly Dance), Berlin; Dj Bürger P, Berlin; Dj Tina Pornflakes, Italy; Dj Ria Stern, Berlin and many others!
  • Vjs sets by Mizz Pravda, Italy; Carniscelte, Italy; erotic pictures + sextoys stands, etc.

Before 23.00h, ticket costs 5 €. After 23.00h, ticket costs 6 €.


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