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CUM2CUT's Presentations  

9-15 July, Copenhagen - Denmark

"Queer Festival Copenhagen" []

The festival is for anyone who takes interest in criticizing and transgressing the prevalent norms governing gender roles and sexual identity. The festival is situated at AFUK (a school for artistic disciplines) on Islands Brygge, featuring concerts, workshops, parties and more activities at other venues in the city.
++ CUM2CUT Movies are presented on 14 July 2007, at 16.00, Cinema-Space 3, AFUK, Kigkurren 1-3, Copenhagen, Denmark.

11-12 May, Warsaw - 13 May 2007, Cracow - Poland

"FAQ Queerotic Festival" []

The queerotic FAQ! festival is an open space filled with independent art and subversive feelings. Turn your head off, listen to your lower parts and you will get to understand how the system works.
++ CUM2CUT is presented on 12 May 2007, at 16.00, PlanB Space, Warsaw, Poland.
++ CUM2CUT Movies Screenings are on 11 May 2007, Kino.LAB, in Warsaw, and on 14 May 2007 at Plastic, in Cracow.

5 December 2006 - Berlin - Germany

"Queer Spaces" [Humboldt University]

"Queer Spaces" is an open and independent queer platform at Humboldt University in Berlin.
++ CUM2CUT is presented on 5 December 2006, at 14.00, Humboldt University, Monbijoustr.3, Berlin, Germany.


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