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The CUM2CUT Indie-Porn-Short-Movies-Festival has developed in collaboration with the Berlin Porn Film Festival, the first porn film festival in the city of Berlin.

The CUM2CUT Indie-Porn-Short-Movies-Festival is an independent pornography competition. It is a three day marathon in which participants are invited to realize a short film in the city of Berlin, which will be shown during the Berlin Porn Film Festival.

In cinematography pornography is usually considered a subcategory: in CUM2CUT it magically comes to centre stage!

All the short movies must be pornographic. On the first day of C2C competition, a subcategory will be drawn for each participant i.e. action, adventure, comedy, crime/gangster, drama, epics/historical, horror, musical, science fiction, western, splatter movies, etc.

The short-movies must be completely shot in Berlin after the opening party to promote and enjoy the pleasure of sharing pornography all over the city. This is the D.I.Y game!

There are just a few "rules" to follow when making the short movie:

  • a pink star has to be shown;
  • a plastic bunny has to be shown;
  • the sentence "I'll fuck anything that moves" has to be said*;
  • the film should be not longer than 5 minutes and in MINI-DV format;
  • the music used has to be under Creative Commons License**;
  • to support the production of the short movies, a shooting location will be suggested but we encourage participants to use the city of Berlin as a set to spread open pornography.

*it's a famous line spoken by Dennis Hopper in David Lynch's "Blue Velvet", and was previously used in a porn film by Annie Sprinkle.

**Music Download: i.e. [web site1] [web site 2] [web site 3] [web site 4] [web site 5] [web site 6] [web site 7]

Two days after the opening party, participants have to hand in their short-movie.

All of the films will be shown at the end of the Berlin Porn Film Festival.

An expert jury formed by people involved in porn/queer subculture and experimental cinema will select three winners. The winners will receive a prize: not money, but something really special from the Cazzo Production Team and the Berlin porn scene!

At the conclusion of the Berlin Porn Film Festival and of the CUM2CUT Movies Competition there will be a great night-party at Festsaal Kreuzberg (see Programme).

If you want to participate to the CUM2CUT Festival, please send a email to (registration closes Friday 13 october 2006).


CUM2CUT | Produced By Tatiana Bazzichelli And Gaia Novati | With The Project Partner Berlin Porn Film Festival | Licensed Under Creative Commons | Info